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Our goal is to create a worldwide community of like-minded traders who interact and learn from one another. Whilst a lot of 'trading groups' are in it for the money, we pride ourselves on being for the people. We are obsessed with continuous self-development and truly want to help our members become the best version of themselves whether its in life or in trading.



Alkaline FX was set up 5 years ago by an experienced group of Forex trading professionals who want to help others get the same peace of mind that we have gained over the years. Our invaluable experience working in a variety of financial markets will guarantee that you will get all the guidance needed to become a better trader.


We trade during the London and New York session utilizing a variety of different strategies and time frames to help us gain an edge over the financial markets. From experience, we have found that price action in combination with manipulation understanding has given us the best long-term results.